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Of course they do not really lack passion, for when they focus their feelings, their passion is as intense as it is inspirational. The appearance of calmness is deceptive, as Aquarians are often nervous and apprehensive.

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Women of this sign often exaggerate their problems to the point of getting ill. Each sign has an external, internal and structural rulership.

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Externally this sign rules the calves, tibia and ankles. Internally, Sun in Aquarius rules the circulation, breath and eyesight; structurally, the bones of the lower limbs. It is closely associated with the blood and circulation, with a tendency toward impure blood. The pathological action of Aquarius is towards nervousness, gloom and sensitivity, leading to habits and fixed ideas that make disease persist and linger. Aquarians are prone to varicose veins, hypertension and heart problems.

Aquarius Health Horoscope

Aquarius rules the shins, ankles, and the circulatory system, while cramps, allergies, sudden illness and freak accidents are common for those with Aquarius active in their charts. They may also suffer from various nervous disorders. Shades of Aquarius Aquarius rules the colours silver, aqua and purple, as well as the new neon shades of pink and blue. Aquarian people also respond well to the energy-boosting ray of red.

Aquarius Birthstone The birthstone for Aquarius is the amethyst. Remember only to wear these stones if you want to bring their influence into your life. More about Gemstones and Astrology.

Aquarius Health & Wellness Horoscope

The bold Sun and headstrong Mars are all about making things happen—and doubly so in your NoLimits ninth house. Nobody saw that coming! Another consideration: Have you been charging ahead with blinders on, refusing to deal with something important or perhaps burying your head in the sand? Your best bet if they do is take a deep breath and handle them maturely. Be willing to scale back any overly ambitious plans to do things right. On October 3, karmic Pluto, which is also in Capricorn, wakes up from a five-month retrograde. Some Aquarians weathered a loss or were plunged into the depths of some emotions you might not have wanted to deal with.

Perhaps you did some important closure or forgiveness work, or faced an addiction. Other important lessons from the retrograde? Allowing others to support you and for things to unfold in their own time.

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Results could show up in your conversations and friendships, especially at the Aries full moon on October Need to clear the air? These moonbeams hand you the microphone to get things off your chest. Pluto is still running interference, however, forming an exact square degree angle of tension to the full moon. Pluto in your unconscious twelfth house makes you prone to projecting and disowning.

Career becomes your focus starting October 23, when the Sun moves into Scorpio and your tenth house of ambition and professional goals. What would you like to accomplish over the next month, before the holidays kick into high gear? If excess and hedonism sent your life a bit off the rails over the past three weeks, you can corral things into more of a structure during this disciplined time. Got your sights set on a leadership role or a next step? New moons can take up to six months to fully unfold, so map out a trajectory. Speak to a mentor or supervisor about what you need to do acquire new skills, advanced training or professional certification to position yourself for that.

Watch out for a curveball from home base at this new moon because it will sit exactly opposite Uranus your ruler , which is in Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and emotions. Strong mood swings—yours or from someone close to you—can throw everything off, turning a calm conversation into a heated argument.

Aquarius Health Astrology

With the new moon in your tenth house of fathers, and Uranus in your fourth house of mother figures, family could be a source of chaos. Trying to figure out holiday plans? Save that for another day! But since Uranian activity comes out of the blue, that could happen when your guard is down. Should you lose your temper and cool, try to come back to center as fast as you can. It will be good practice for the cycle that starts on October 31, when Mercury—ruler of communication, technology and travel—makes its last retrograde of , through Scorpio and your stable, professional tenth house.

Tension and misunderstandings can spike around the office. Plan on being extra patient with your coworkers and, if possible, hold off on any launches or contract signings until this signal-scrambling pivot ends. With both love planets, Venus and Mars, soaring through Libra and your ninth house of travel and expansion, colorful destinations and high adventure are calling your name. Closer to home, you could be attracted to someone from a different background or who might invite you on a far-flung trip. Couples with the ability to travel together now can rekindle the romantic sparks simply by being out of your usual environment.

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Sign up for a mind-expanding workshop or course together. And all Water Bearers will enjoy planning their holiday travel under these wing-spreading skies. The hands and feet are related to Aquarius, but they tend also to be influenced by some other signs, depending on the situation and ailment. What is normally a forte in people born in your Zodiac sign can be a weakness when you are troubled. That depends on how much you live your life according to your sun sign traits and wishes. Aquarius wants to contemplate and learn.

Teach, too. Life is a process towards greater understanding. When that happens, instead of moving gracefully as usual, you become clumsy. Your arms and legs may hurt, probably mostly to your limbs.

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope: Mental Health Will Be Key – Manage Resources Diligently - Plan Long term

You have been neglecting yourself. You may also suffer headaches in times of trouble, although the head is mainly an Aries thing. You are agile, but that does not mean you think life is physical in its true nature, nor do you care that much for your body as long as it serves you well enough. Your Zodiac sign influence depends to some extent on which of the decans the sun was in at your birth.

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